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Carbon Offsetting in the Wild Highlands of Scotland

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

We support Trees for Life by donating towards tree planting on a monthly basis to offset the carbon we generate as a business. Whilst this does not prevent our carbon emissions, being a carbon neutral business means we give back to nature in a way chosen by our staff.

Scattered across Scotland's iconic Highland landscape are the remains of an ancient, wild forest of global significance. Home to rare wildlife and incredible biodiversity, the Caledonian Forest has a special place in people's hearts.

Trees for Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity. In the last 25 years they have worked with thousands of volunteers to rescue the Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that calls it home. From small beginnings, Trees for Life has planted over 1,700,000 trees as part of a long-term vision to save a habitat of global importance.

They understand that mitigating the environmental impact of day-to-day operations is important to organisations, and that offsetting carbon is an effective way to balance the scales. Their proposal outlines an added-value carbon offsetting scheme which will result in an environmental, ecological and social benefit.

More recently, the site at Allt Ruadh has been planted with the help of over 530 local and visiting volunteers. Trees for Life have planted over 250,000 new native trees on the Dundreggan Estate at Allt Ruadh. The site has been planted to reflect the diversity and spacing of a wild forest - connecting habitats for rare and endangered wildlife, while breathing new life into a largely denuded landscape.

Allt Ruadh is estimated to now provide enough oxygen to sustain an estimated 32,500 people each year. Native woodlands are uniquely suited to carbon offsetting. One quarter of a living tree's weight is carbon. This remains locked safely away, whilst also creating woodland soil which is incredibly rich in carbon too.

The forest at Allt Ruadh supports a wide array of rare native species, from Red Squirrels to Golden Eagles.

We urge any of our clients or followers that are considering carbon offsetting to consider this wonderful organisation. Further information can be found at:

Trees for Life is a registered Scottish charity operating under SC021303.

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