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Why We Are Different

Just like any construction project, there are numerous phases, from design to planning, to scheduling the build, right through the construction process and this then continues from handover right through to occupation and use.

Each phase is complicated enough on its own, but combined with the project as a whole each grows exponentially in terms of complexity.  The more complex an individual project, the more robust, dynamic and experienced a project manager or project management team must be.  The best construction project managers have to have an immense ability to see ahead, they must foresee problems before they arise and plan for every eventuality.  They interact with all disciplines during the lifetime of the project from the architect, engineers,  contractors, statutory authorities  and planners.

Our project management department assist with the pre-construction, planning, coordination, budgeting and supervision of projects.  With experience in the Far East working on a variety of project sizes and in London working on some of the Capital's most complex logistically challenging  engineering projects.

Working with our pre-construction team the concept is analysed to understand the objectives of the project and they will prepare the schematic design.  This is then developed with substantial research and the required site investigation is undertaken.

Due to the inherently complex nature of many construction and redevelopment projects in London, they become highly complex endeavors.  Whether the project is a shopping mall, a mixed use development, a residential project or an office building, the moving parts of each scheme must be precisely coordinated.

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