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The Programme & Cost Benefits

As with any journey you should plan your route, figuring out where you will be stopping for fuel and any overnight stays, making reservations to ensure room availability. Having done so, you can drive focusing on keeping your journey safe. By planning the journey in full, you have already considered alternatives and will have ensured that you have thought through any unforeseen events, such as alternative routes, road works, bad weather, or breakdown with less stress.

Setting the scope of work is the single most important aspect of any project. To properly plan for it, you need to ask questions such as:


  • what do you want to do? 

  • Is it described clearly? 

  • Is it agreed to by all parties? 

The scope of work can become detailed, but as a minimum it should have a step-by-step process demonstrating how you will work towards the final project completion.

By starting with a robust budget, the scope of work can be planned.  Working through all elements of the budget will help to determine what kind of subcontractors you may need, what types of materials will be available, and the methods you can use to construct your project.  It is also important to clearly review how the budget could develop and ensure that it is based on real market tested data. Ensuring that the budget accurately reflects the resources available.

During the pre-construction period it is essential to create an accurate schedule demonstrating how the project will be constructed. By assigning deadlines to every milestone task creates a key milestone to monitor your consultants against and holding them accountable whilst at the same time helping to keep the project on programme. Key considerations include; how was the schedule developed? Are critical milestones and constraints identified? It is also important to consider creating a schedule with the cost data inserted to align your budget against the timeline.

We consistently support pre-construction planning on projects across multiple sectors.  We have helped many clients make smarter, more informed decisions during the initial stages of their projects that have made huge impacts on the overall viability and profitability of projects, in many cases saving time whilst in turn saving on costs.

Keeping a project on time and on budget are easier to control if the correct level of pre-construction planning is undertaken as early in the process as possible.  You are much more likely to find a project will face difficult and unforeseen challenges if the team is less prepared when pre-construction planning has not been done.

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