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Why We Are Different

Key to our approach is ensuring that we fully understand and are aligned with our clients requirements, in terms of:

  • Design development and responsibility

  • Operational, commercial risk and technical risk

  • Value engineering and product substitution

  • Package splits and direct material procurement

  • Prime costing and life cycle costing

  • Utilisation of offsite prefabrication

  • Understanding the logistical constraints of each project

  • Potential for consolidation centres.

Our procurement service offer includes:

  • Developing the project and package by package approach to leveraging, maximising and adding value from the supply chain.

  • The identification and definition of the appropriate interfaces with other functions sufficient to meet the project requirements.

  • Establishing the plant, labour and materials to be procured.

  • Analysing the related market, capabilities, competence and capacity of the supply chain.

  • Assisting with the earliest procurement of the supply chain, to provide the opportunity to assist in the design and costing of the works.

  • Undertaking rigorous financial checks on the supply chain to minimise the exposure to the potential associated risks.

  • Identification, pre-qualification and approval of a suitable supply chain and the establishment of suitable relationships with those of strategic importance to the project.

  • Obtaining confirmation and approval for the scope of works, definition including description, specification, drawings and programme requirements, for each item.

  • Establishing and defining the appropriate procurement route and programme for each item.

  • Grouping the defined items required for the project into suitable packages in advance of procurement.

  • Carrying out warm up meetings, mid tender meetings and post tender meetings as necessitated by package.

  • Engaging the chosen supplier or subcontractor via the approved method of appointment.

  • Taking the necessary action to maintain positive relationships with the supply chain.

  • Ensuring the implementation of and compliance with the appropriate processes in the performance of the procurement activities.

Our procurement proficiency covers all construction sectors from commercial, retail, residential, healthcare, education, industrial, power generation and utilities.  With procurement projects ranging from £500k to £500m.

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